Developing software solutions for users of AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, and non-CAD users.

GTX is the leader in offering advanced technical imaging solutions to help clean up, edit and convert your scanned archival engineering drawings and maps in a full-featured CAD environment. Or, convert raster data to precise vectors in 100% AutoCAD®-compatible DWG or DXF files!

Modify & Enhance your scanned raster archives with speed & flexibility.

Whether you are in search of image viewers or tackling projects and need to clean up, edit, and convert your scanned archival engineering drawings or maps into a CAD environment, GTX offers the solutions, services, and support that will meet your needs!

Within minutes you can update drawings and convert your legacy paper to CAD – saving time and money!

The latest GTXRaster CAD® 2024 Series add-ons are now fully compatible with AutoCAD 2024, BricsCAD V24 and ZWCAD 2024. With any of these GTX-CAD productive combinations, engineers and designers can clean up, edit and convert from raster files to vector files within the same CAD environment.

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