About GTX

GTX is dedicated to the development of technologically advanced proprietary raster-to-vector conversion and editing software to bridge paper to CAD. We stand by our products and strive to continue to meet the needs of our customers and worldwide partners to deliver the best technology solution to complement the EDM and CAD industry. And, GTX is now providing new intelligent digital imaging solutions for your small format documents for easy clean up and conversion!

Our Vision

GTX is the leading supplier of scan-conversion and editing products that provide complete integration and interfacing between scanned drawing archives and Computer Aided Design/Drafting CAD systems. GTX was founded in 1984 by Dr. Marvin T. Ling, to bridge the gap between paper engineering drawings and electronic format (CAD) and to solve the time-consuming problems of storing, retrieving and editing paper drawings.


GTX captured technological leadership in 1987 with the introduction of the first operative hardware and software product that successfully provided scanning of paper and aperture-card technical drawings and automatic conversion of scanned images (Raster), to CAD format. The Company developed proprietary hardware and software. Today, GTX provides total solutions with software-only products and licensed technology that do not require proprietary hardware.

Industry Sectors

Long Established

GTX is the leader in offering advanced solutions that can help you clean and edit your scanned archival engineering drawings and maps in a full-featured CAD environment. Or, you can convert your raster data to entirely useful, 100% AutoCAD®-compatible DWG or DXF files!

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