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How to License GTX Software

The GTXRaster CAD Series and GTXImage CAD series software products are licensed through a HASP hardware key created by Aladdin Knowledge Systems. This type of license is portable between computers and is easily upgraded or changed by means of user programmable codes provided to the user by GTX. Two types of keys are available, one type for a single user license, and another type for network distributed multi-user licensing for up to 250 users. 

Authorizing GTXRaster CAD Series

 Each HASP key is uniquely coded with an identification number and is re-programmable by the end user. The authorization process for a HASP key begins and ends by the use of the customer program. This has been a successful and useful method of remotely upgrading a software license. To enable your software, you must authorize it with GTX Corporation.  You may authorize online or you may use the Authorization Form included with your software.

  • Authorization confirms that you are a valid GTX customer.

  • Authorization also relays your HASP identification number so GTX can generate the necessary Remote Update System (RUS) codes which are used to permanently validate your HASP license by using the customer HASP programmer.

Online Authorization

It is easy to authorize your software through the web site at

Authorization Form

You may use the Authorization Form that is included in the software package. This form contains a unique serial number that GTX assigns to each of itís customerís licenses. Add your contact information and your HASP key identification number and then fax the Authorization form to GTX.


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