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The HASP ID number is retrieved by running the Customer.exe program.   Customer.exe is   included with HASP-protected GTX software. Customer.exe is used to authorize the HASP Key to allow a specific program to run.   The following instructions allow you to begin the authorization process:

  • On the computer connected to the HASP key, install the HASP Device Driver.

  • Run Customer.exe to reveal the unique HASP ID. Apply the Get ID button (Alt-G)

  • Please read the 'explanation' included at the end of this page.

  • Write the HASP ID on the Authorization form and fax it to GTX.

  • This registers your license.

  • GTX will fax a return Authorization form to you displaying RUS codes.

  • Run CUSTOMER.EXE again, select Manual (Alt-M), and transfer the codes to the RUS-Passwords window.

Enter the codes in the blank text fields, starting from the top left moving toward the right. You may hit TAB to skip to the next field. The codes are in alpha-numeric hexadecimal format with the highest letter being F. The customer program must be restarted once per page if more than one authorization form, containing RUS codes, is received from GTX. The RUS codes update the content of the HASP key. From that point onwards, the portable HASP key is permanently set to provide licensed use of your GTX software.

NOTE: If the RUS codes are being applied for a red colored NetHASP key there may be more than one authorization form received from GTX. In that case restart the Customer.exe program for each form received before entering the RUS codes.

Explanation: When the CUSTOMER.EXE file is activated you may receive a message, "wrong HASP Key connected". We supply 2 customer executables to accommodate 2 different types of HASP keys, plus one CUSTOMER.exe utility. These files are found in the installed GTX directories, and the installation CD, listed as:

  • CUSTGTX.EXE For White or Red HASP keys


  • CUSTVUS.EXE For Black and Blue North & South American HASP keys

The white key and the red key types respond to the CUSTGTX.exe. In the United States and Canada, a black and blue key responds to the CUSTVUS.exe. The CUSTOMER.exe is designed to automatically detect which CUST... file to apply based on which type of key is connected. If the CUSTOMER.exe doesn't do its job for any reason, run the appropriate CUST*.EXE file based on your location and the color of the key.

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