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GTXImage CAD V18.0     New Release
Stand-alone application with all the CAD vector and raster functionality you need for vector drafting and raster manipulation.
100% AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWT Compatibility
Powered by Autodesk OEM
Full vector CAD drafting functionality & drawing aids
1500+ Vector Commands and Features
Ribbon, Toolbars, Menus, and Command Line

Entire suite of GTX Raster Technology
Raster-To-Vector / Vector-To-Raster Conversion
Color Separation
Automatic Image Clean Up
Intelligent Paper to CAD Solutions®

Raster to Vector CAD Conversion - Architectural Drawing 
Automatic Image Cleanup - Auto Deskew & Auto Despeckle 
Raster to Vector Contour Conversion - Map Contour Drawing 
Change/Edit Raster Text 
More Videos and Tutorials 

Architectural/ Engineering/ Construction(AEC)/ Design PDF  Architectural/ Engineering/ Construction(AEC)/ Design / Manufacturing Design (MCAD)
PDF file View
Mapping White Paper - PDF  Automated Mapping/ Facilities Management(AM/FM)/ Geographical Information Systems (GIS) PDF file View
Utilities - White Paper PDF  Utility Industries
PDF file View
Repographics - White Paper - PDF  Reprographic Service Bureau
PDF file View
More Case Studies  More Case Studies ...

ICAD 18 Icon 

GTXImage CAD™ Series V18.0
Standalone for 32 or 64-bit


RCAD 2015 Icon 

GTXRaster CAD® 2015 Series
for AutoCAD 2015(32/64 bit)

 Updated to 2015.5 - May 2015  
 Available on Download Page  

RCAD 2014 Icon 

GTXRaster CAD® 2014 Series
for AutoCAD 2014(32/64 bit)

 Updated to 2014.5 - June 2014   

RCAD 2013 Icon 

GTXRaster CAD® 2013 Series
for AutoCAD 2013(32/64 bit)




GTX Releases
GTXImage CAD™ Series V18.0!

  New Release Announcement


GTX Releases
GTXRaster CAD® 2015 Series for AutoCAD 2015!



GTX Corporation Celebrates:

30th Anniversary!
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  View the White Paper
"How to Modernize Your Paper Engineering Drawings"
For a complete understanding of raster files, raster editing, and raster to vector conversion process:

  Product Comparison
Comparison of GTXRaster CAD® Series and GTXImage CAD® Series

  GTXRaster CAD® Series Plugin Comparision
Compare GTXRaster CAD® Series plugins

GTX is the leader in offering advanced solutions that can help you clean and edit your scanned archival engineering drawings and maps in a full-featured CAD environment. Or, you can convert your raster data to entirely useful, 100% AutoCAD®-compatible DWG or DXF files!

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